Admetec Upgrades its Orchid Series of LED Headlights for Loupes

New Orchid models are brighter, more lightweight and offer improved ergonomics

Two of the 4 models of LED headlights for loupes available from Admetec—the Orchid and Orchid F—have received an upgrade in maximum brightness from 60,000 lux to 80,000 lux. Additionally, the Orchid, Orchid F and Orchid E have been redesigned for a more ergonomically correct user experience.

Based in Haifa, Israel, Admetec, designs, manufactures and distributes custom-fittedmagnification loupesand LED headlights for dentists, surgeons, veterinarians, and their staffs. The new Orchid series models feature trimmed-down headlights and battery packs—a rare combination of increased performance and reduced weight. Also, despite the improvements, the Orchid series’ price point will remain the same, the company states.

The headlights’ control buttons have been repositioned to facilitate a more comfortable and natural hand positioning while using the controls. The new Orchid models are the latest in a series of Admetec products designed to improve practitioners’ comfort levels and, through it, their job performance. Earlier this year, the company introduced a 10x magnification version of its popular Ergo series. The Ergo series are now the world’s only ergonomic loupes providing up to 10-times magnification in an ultra-lightweight construction. The result is a sophisticated vision enlargement solution designed to help wearers maintain a neutral head position while tending to patients, thereby preventing or alleviatingback, neck and other pain.

Dentists, surgeons, and other medical practitioners often spend long hours bent over in awkward positions to see fine details. Such strain frequently leads to musculoskeletal disorders affecting muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, or spinal discs. Poor ergonomics damages the health of practitioners and, in many cases, forces them into early retirement. Loupes and headlights that facilitate healthy posture are key to protecting the health and career longevity of practitioners.

For practitioners to benefit from the full capabilities of Admetec’s ergonomic loupes, particularly in the higher magnifications, it is important to utilize powerful, situation-appropriate lighting. The new Orchid series, then, aligns with Admetec’s dedication to promoting good posture and practitioner wellbeing while providing optimal product performance. The goal is an “addition by subtraction” value that yields better patient care through reduced practitioner discomfort, distraction and inefficiency.

“By creating products that are exceptionally lightweight, convenient to use, and ergonomic, we aim to help doctors and their staff members focus more exclusively on effective patient care,” says Danny Katz, COO of Admetec. “We consider both loupes and lights as collective solutions rather than individual tools, with each playing key roles in optimizing comfort and efficiency. Our job is to provide excellent tools that help take care of the healthcare providers while they are busy taking care of their patients.”