Admetec Introduces New Ergo Series Loupes

The new line offers up to 10x magnification on a lightweight frame.

Admetec, manufacturer and distributor of custom-fit magnification loupes and LED headlights for medical professionals, has released its new Ergo series of ergonomic loupes to the North American market. The Ergo line is said to be the only ergonomic loupes available on the market, providing up to 10-times magnification in an ultra-light construction.

The Ergo loupes are designed to help wearers maintain a neutral head position while tending to patients, helping to prevent and reduce neck, back, and other pain. Dentists often spend long hours bent over in awkward positions, and such strain can lead to musculoskeletal disorders affecting muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, or spinal discs. As many as one-third of dentists retire prematurely due to physical ailments, according to a press release from Admetec.

Admetec’s Ergo series offers a combination of magnification potential and user comfort. Customized to each individual wearer through a multi-factor process, the loupes’ precision vision and light weight are said to help healthcare providers work more comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time.

The loupes are available in 6 different levels of magnification: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7.5x, and 10x. The largest magnification, 10x, weighs just 52g. The Ergo series are through-the-lens deflection loupes, which enable a real declination angle of up to 80 degrees. Using the loupes is also said to be progressive—intuitively training clinicians to correct head position and posture.