ADA Launches the ADA Dental Experience and Research Exchange Clinical Data Warehouse

The ADA Dental Experience and Research Exchange aims to create a database where clinicians can enrich their knowledge of treatment patterns and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

The ADA Dental Experience and Research Exchange is an oral health clinic data warehouse launched by the ADA. It is now available for practices that use the Open Dental 19.3 and up practice management software.

Practices that have Open Dental practice management software will be able to utilize reports that aggregate practice data from one another, according to a press release from the ADA. This data can then be used to deliver better patient outcomes across practices. Randall Markarian, DMD, is the chair of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs.

“We are excited about launching this new program because we think it will connect participating dentists across the country to deliver data that can help make a difference to dental practices and patients,” Dr Markarian said in the press release.

Open Dental was the first practice management software company to participate in the clinical data warehouse, but the ADA is hoping to integrate more software systems down the line. The hope is to speed up data communications and to advance clinical evidence bases.

With more time and more software added, the ADA Dental Experience and Research Exchange is an initiative that hopes to create a fully fleshed-out database that can be used by clinicians to deliver the best treatment patterns and outcomes.