ACTEON releases new Bliss hand instrumentation

ACTEON worked closely with clinicians to create more ergonomic hand instruments.

ACTEON® has launched its new line of hand instruments, Bliss™ by Acteon. Meant to create a balance between clinicians’ hands and the instrument, ACTEON used scientific studies based on dental instrument ergonomics to design the Bliss line.

Up to 61% of dentists and hygienists experience hand, wrist, or arm pain due to poor ergonomics, a press statement from ACTEON read, and dental practitioners are said to rank first in occupations affected by carpal tunnel syndrome. This is why clinicians need access to ergonomically designed hand instruments that will reduce these risks and provide effective treatment.

With the Bliss hand instrument product line, ergonomics is a central part of the design. They are lightweight at just 15g, which is said to reduce muscle fatigue and contributes to a more comfortable grip. The instruments are also said to decrease the pinch force and offer better control due to their flat edge design.

Bliss instruments are covered with silicone, which is softer than metallic surfaces. The soft ‘Bliss grip’ is said not to be slippery, ensuring superior control. They are manufactured using premium, surgical-grade stainless steel with wear and corrosion resistance.

Taking inspiration from the high-quality cutlery produced in Theirs, France, ACTEON has integrated the ancestral cutlery and metallic expertise to develop high-quality instruments. For more information, visit