Ackuretta Unveils New CURIE Plus UV Curing Oven for Dental 3D printing


Oven is designed to integrate with the company’s SOL 3D printer and features seamless workflows and growing list of validated materials.

Ackuretta Unveils New CURIE Plus UV Curing Oven for Dental 3D printing: © Ackuretta

Ackuretta Unveils New CURIE Plus UV Curing Oven for Dental 3D printing: © Ackuretta

The owners of Cosmetic Advantage Dental Laboratory in Lewisville, Texas, will tell you that 3D printing has drastically improved their workflows and their capabilities the last few years. Now, they’re experiencing even better results while using Ackuretta’s new CURIE Plus UV curing oven for dental 3D printing.

During Ackuretta’s virtual launch event today, Cosmetic Advantage Dental Laboratory co-owner Kelly Fincher explained how she used to dread modeling when the lab first opened in 2009. Also, her husband, Jimmy Fincher, CDT, took a little while to get totally on board with 3D printing, but he’s all in now.

“I decided to try printing early on and the accuracy was not reliable then,” he says. “But now, with the Ackuretta SOL [3D printer] we print anything and everything—custom trays, splints, temps…now we’re also printing nano ceramics.”

The new CURIE Plus is designed to integrate with the SOL unit and further enhance the ability for labs and clinicians to use more 3D printing materials and do so efficiently. Designed to deliver ultra-accurate results, the oven cures up to 8 full arches simultaneously to maximize efficiency. According to the manufacturer, it sets a new standard for simplicity with seamless SOL integration, online connectivity, and a pre-set curing parameter library for the industry leading resin profiles.

CURIE Plus is a certified Class IIa biocompatible curing unit that guarantees reliable results with industry-leading dental resins, enabling exceptional restorations. During the virtual event, the manufacturer said the Wi-Fi-enabled integration with the SOL printer adds to the ease of use and the system features automatic updates and the most recent dental material validations. Additionally, the oven’s automatic door mechanism prevents light leakage and curing process interruptions.

Jimmy Fincher said the CURIE Plus unit looks nice in his laboratory and more importantly can cure up to 8 full arches at once, even though the oven’s dimensions are 14.4 inches x 10.2 x 9.2 (height). The curing of up to 8 full arches at once aligns with SOL's printing capacity.

“You can get so much curing done all at once despite the smaller footprint,” he says. “And it looks nice. I like it when doctors come into the lab and see this.”

The oven is validated with top class I and class II resins and is built for nitrogen tanks and generators. Ackuretta says 30 validated materials are currently available and over 100 materials are undergoing validation. Currently validated materials include Ackuretta CURO, BEGO, Keystone, Pac-Dent, VOCO and more.

Kelly Fincher said the oven is simple to pull out of the box and set up. “It’s plug and play and takes nothing to get it going,” she says. “Ackuretta has taken out the guesswork for how to print. It’s streamlined and so easy. If you’re just getting started, this will hold your hand. The entire package is meant for the dental profession.”

Her husband is also a fan.

“It’s just made printing so predictable for us,” Jimmy Fincher says. “It’s become such a weapon in the lab. It delivers an efficient time frame and great accuracy.”

The company announced a bundled package during the virtual event that included the CURIE Plus oven, the SOL printer, VOCO’s V-Print Splint Comfort, Pac-Dent’s trial kit, the Medium Build Platform, and the Alpha AI Premium design software service.

For information about availability in North America and elsewhere, contact Ackuretta.

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