Ackuretta Offering DENTIQ High Precision 3D Printer

Printer said to provide optimal accuracy and consistency while also being simple to learn to use.

DENTIQ from Ackuretta is a high precision chairside 3D printer designed to provide a premium ownership experience for every type of user. Equipped with auto-calibration and 100+ precalibrated materials, DENTIQ is designed to offer a simpler learning curve for beginners while providing the same level of accuracy and consistency that professionals are looking for.

Remote diagnostics for machine repair, easy component replacement, a built-in vat cleaning function, and a 2-year warranty makes owning DENTIQ the natural choice for chairside digital dentistry. The system’s package also includes 2 Extra Print Screens, an ethernet cable and a Wi-Fi Dongle. The machine’s size is 25 x 23 x 38 cm, and its print size is 120 x 68 x 140 mm.

Envision a future where dental clinics have a solution to 3D print end-product restorations chairside with lower cost, and higher efficiency. From Hardware, Software, Finishing Solutions, Materials, to Training Resource, Ackuretta keeps everythingIn-house and completed in the same day. Industrial-grade 3D printers like DENTIQ are part of this Ackuretta ecosystem.

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