Achieving faster posterior restorations with REVEAL HD Bulk

Why one clinician prefers using this light-cured bulk fill composite from BISCO.

Dr. Sheri B. Doniger first began using BISCO REVEAL HD Bulk right after the Chicago Midwinter Meeting earlier this year, which is when the light-cured bulk fill composite was launched. While it has a variety of benefits, she was first attracted to the material’s depth of cure, which is 5 to 6 mm when it’s placed into a restoration.

The material’s HD Filler Technology makes this possible. The filler resin system’s refractive index offers optimal light transmission, which means light can be effectively refracted and distributed through the material, allowing for this predictable depth of cure. 

REVEAL HD Bulk is designed for simpler, faster posterior restorations, and Dr. Doniger says the ease of application it offers and the way it flows into cavity preps are the material’s two best features.

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“The material handles great; it’s not too soft or runny,” Dr. Doniger says. “Additionally, the final restoration is easy to finish and polish. With the ability to use an esthetic bulk fill, it does save time.”

REVEAL HD Bulk is pretty versatile, Dr. Doniger says. While it’s a bulk filling composite, it also works well with the layering technique. If the shade is too light or transparent, the company’s TheraCal liner can be added to make the restoration more opaque.

“If you choose to use REVEAL HD as a base and layer a different composite on the top to alter the shade, that works as well,” she says. “As a clinician, it is great to have choices with our materials.”

Using REVEAL HD Bulk also saves practices money. The depth of cure allows for a strong restoration from the top-down, and that means the composite can be placed in a single layer without the need for additional layers or a base/liner - and that translates into both time and cost savings.

“I would recommend REVEAL HD for the ease of bulk fill application and the results of a strong final restoration,” Dr. Doniger says. “It saves time and money, which are both a win-win in the dental office.”

Patients are busy people who want to spend as little time in a dental office as possible. REVEAL HD Bulk helps with that while also giving patients strong, beautiful restorations that last.

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“Patients prefer less time in the chair,” Dr. Doniger says. “If I am using a one-component bulk filling material, they will have less chair time.”

Even though she’s only used this bulk fill material since February, Dr. Doniger is confident it will always give her the results she’s after. It’s easy to handle and polish and enables her to offer patients durable, esthetic restorations in a shorter amount of time.

“There are some indications where bulk fill is the best solution,” Dr. Doniger says. “It definitely saves time. When this restoration is placed, I have confidence it will flow into the whole preparation without leaving voids.”