PacDent offering a surface disinfectant cleaning bundle

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Pac-Cide XT surface disinfectant cleaner part of Premium Starting Kit.

PacDent’s disinfectant cleaner starting kit consists of a bundle featuring a stainless steel solution dispenser, XT disinfectant solution, dry wipes, spray bottle, and dispensing bowl. The included dispenser complements any countertop and decreases clutter to create a more professional and pleasing appearance in any office or medical environment.

Pac-Cide XTTM is a pharmaceutical-grade, intermediate surface disinfectant that is compatible with almost all non-porous hard surfaces. Designed for the utmost convenience and speed, it is non-corrosive, contains no quaternary amines, phenols, or aldehydes, and can kill most disease-causing germs within one minute without the need to wear a mask or gloves. Just spray or wipe and air dry.


Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Premium Starting Kit Contents:

● Pac-Cide XT 3 L Solution with cardboard dispenser & dispensing bowl
● Pac-Cide XT Dry Wipe
● Pac-Cide XT Stainless Steel Dispenser
● Pac-Cide XT 1 L Spray Bottle ( Empty)

Note: PacDent says prices may vary depending upon regional differences and individual manufacturers’ policies. Before placing orders, it is recommended that you contact your authorized dealer or email PacDent at for pricing details. All sales of PPE products are final and not eligible for return due to COVID-19.