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Access to Better Materials and Techniques Allow for Better Long-Term Outcomes for Dental Implant Patients


Dentsply Sirona’s Tony Susino explains some of the many benefits, including implants that look and feel more natural with shorter recovery times and enhanced patient comfort.

Access to Better Materials and Techniques Allow for Better Long-Term Outcomes for Dental Implant Patients | Image Credit: © Dentsply Sirona

Access to Better Materials and Techniques Allow for Better Long-Term Outcomes for Dental Implant Patients | Image Credit: © Dentsply Sirona

In advance of last week’s Implant Solutions World Summit in Miami, Florida, Dentsply Sirona’s Tony Susino, group vice president, implant and prosthetic solutions, shared his thoughts on the dental implant industry and answered several questions from Dental Products Report to provide insight on the company’s strategies around implant advancements, digital dentistry, and educational events such as this year’s Summit.

Dental Products Report (DPR): What makes the field of dental implants so important today?

Tony Susino (TS): In today's dental landscape, the field of dental implants stands as a cornerstone of innovation and patient care. At Dentsply Sirona, we understand the paramount importance of dental implants for several compelling reasons.

I believe the implant market continues to be an opportunity for growth for all of us – for dental professionals and Dentsply Sirona alike for several reasons:

  1. Aging populations are putting an increased emphasis on oral health, especially in developed countries. As populations age, more people will have missing teeth and many will want implants.
  2. Increased acceptance and awareness of cosmetic dentistry means demand will continue to increase.
  3. Technology is evolving and helping you to treat more patients effectively and efficiently.

Our focus on quality ensures that our implants not only restore function but also stand the test of time, ultimately benefiting both patients and practitioners alike.

Tony Susino, Group Vice President, Implant and Prosthetic Solutions, Dentsply Sirona

Tony Susino, Group Vice President, Implant and Prosthetic Solutions, Dentsply Sirona

While they hold particular significance for the elderly, their benefits extend far beyond, dental implants emerge as a pivotal solution, offering not only functional restoration but also a significant enhancement in quality of life. As we navigate the demographic changes ahead, prioritizing oral health and embracing innovations in implant dentistry will be crucial in promoting healthy aging and enhancing quality of life for patients.

DPR: Why are events like the Implant Solutions World Summit so important?

TS: Events like the Implant Solutions World Summit serve as catalysts for innovation, education, and community building within the field of implant dentistry.

It is a unique opportunity to show our customers the full implant workflow portfolio – including our EV implants, prosthetic and regenerative solutions, planning tools, and DS Core. With science at the forefront of our implant portfolio, we utilize these events to underscore our scientific expertise and commitment to long-term research and innovation.

Our Implant Solutions World Summit provides ample opportunities for networking and relationship building among attendees. Engaging with peers, industry experts, and key opinion leaders fosters collaboration, idea exchange, and professional growth within the Dentsply Sirona implants community.

We host a variety of implant-focused educational events, such as the highly successful Implants Congress in Warsaw, Poland every year, and the recent Implant Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dentsply Sirona invests significant time, resources, and funds in supporting the implants community we serve.

By offering a forum for education, collaboration, and networking, these events contribute to the cultivation of a strong and loyal customer base. Attendees feel valued and connected to the Dentsply Sirona brand, enhancing customer retention and fostering long-term relationships.

DPR: How have material and technique advances changed the way both clinicians and patients view dental implants? [While many clinicians realize how much the predictability has increased, and how today’s systems have improved greatly, are most patients and all GPs aware of this?]

TS: Material and technique advances have significantly transformed the landscape of dental implants, from improved biocompatibility to shortened treatment times, benefiting both clinicians and patients alike. Clinicians now have access to a wider array of materials and techniques that offer improved durability, esthetics, and functionality. These advancements allow for more precise placement, leading to better long-term outcomes and reduced risk of complications. For patients, these advancements mean implants that look and feel more natural, with shorter recovery times and enhanced comfort.

Let me mention here our latest regenerative solutions.

Our OSSIX portfolio is designed to solve common regenerative challenges, offering clinical flexibility, predictable results, safety, and hassle-free handling, while allowing for soft and bone tissue regeneration. For almost 2 decades, clinicians have used OSSIX solutions to provide long-lasting results for patients across hundreds of thousands of procedures.

The latest member of the OSSIX family of solutions, OSSIX Agile is an innovative pericardium membrane, powered by GLYMATRIX technology to provide a long-lasting barrier effect for bone and tissue regeneration, excellent biocompatibility, and easy handling. This has reduced the risk of rejection and enhanced the success rates of dental implants, instilling confidence in both clinicians and patients regarding the longevity and effectiveness of the treatment.

The updates to our Symbios Allograft portfolio were introduced with the needs of both clinicians and patients in mind, offering easy handling and a comfortable experience every step of the way.

The Symbios Allograft line consists of a diverse range of products spanning different clinical applications, including Granules bone grafts, Putty bone grafts and Acellular Dermal Matrix. The enhanced range was introduced for the first time here at the Implant Solutions World Summit in Miami and will be available in the USA from June 20.

For more on the Implant Solutions World Summit, which was held June 13-15, 2024, click here.

Dentsply Sirona has collaborated with 2 trusted partners to develop the new granule, dermis, and putty products: RegenX for the granule portfolio with the patented Excellion® process for bone processing procedures. The granules are designed for a wide range of regenerative needs, including rapid bone regeneration, structural integrity, and remodeling.

We have also continued our long-term partnership with MTF Biologics® to deliver new dermis and putty products.

The esthetic aspect of dental implants has also undergone a remarkable transformation. Innovations in materials, including tooth-colored ceramics and improved surface textures, have enabled the creation of more natural-looking implants.

With tools such as 3D imaging, CAD/CAM technology, and intraoral scanning, clinicians can now tailor implant treatments to each patient's unique anatomy. Using DS Signature workflows from scan to crown mean fewer steps, less risk and reduced chair time, increased efficiency, and case acceptance. This results in better-fitting restorations and improved long-term outcomes, instilling confidence in both clinicians and patients regarding the predictability of implant therapy.

DPR: Why should more GPs get involved in implants and what is the best way for them to get educated and started?

TS: As populations age, more people will have missing teeth that require dentures or implants. Given this trend, there is a growing necessity for dentists to become more involved in implant dentistry. Dental implants offer a long-term solution for tooth replacement, providing patients with improved esthetics, functionality, and overall oral health.

Incorporating dental implants into a practice can lead to practice growth and differentiation. GPs who offer implants may attract new patients seeking comprehensive dental care, including implant treatments. This can help the practice stand out in a competitive market and increase revenue streams. Implants are a highly effective solution for tooth replacement, providing patients with a more permanent and natural-looking alternative to traditional options like dentures or bridges. Patients appreciate the convenience of receiving implant treatment from their regular dentist, rather than being referred to a specialist.

Learning and performing implant procedures can be professionally fulfilling for GPs. It allows them to expand their skills, stay current with advancements in dentistry, and tackle more complex cases. Engaging in implant dentistry can reignite passion for the profession and provide a sense of accomplishment.

I’d like to mention here The DS Academy Implant Curriculum.

This curriculum is designed to help build and expand clinicians' digital implant skills according to levels of experience and personal learning preferences. We invite those newer to implant dentistry to start from the beginning, and those with more experience to jump in further down the learning pathway.

We created the content in collaboration with international key opinion leaders and world-renowned implant clinicians—including Prof Lyndon Cooper, one of the scientific chairs at this year’s Implant Solutions World Summit—these interactive online courses focus on patient cases and procedures found in everyday practice. Through this self-paced online curriculum, clinicians will be able to learn more about implant dentistry—from foundational through mastery levels.

In addition to our online courses, we regularly host hands-on workshops, study clubs and regional implant meetings. These events are promoted through our social media channels and by our dedicated sales representatives.

Our collaboration with Spear Education goes back a long way and we will soon introduce a series of 12 Implants Study Club modules under Spear’s CDOCS education platform starting from September. The modules cover a wide range of topics designed to enhance today’s dental professionals’ expertise in implant dentistry. Study Club topics include DS Core case communication and collaboration, digital implant planning, all-on-X procedures, handling implant complications, patient-specific abutments and peri-implantitis management. It’s a great a platform for sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and discovering innovative solutions.

DPR: Please address why some patients may be apprehensive to get dental implants and what Dentsply Sirona can do to help them overcome such fears. Are things like cost, long healing periods, failed implants they’ve heard about previously difficult obstacles to overcome?

TS: Education and communication. Patient concerns can be addressed by providing thorough education about the benefits of dental implants compared to alternative tooth replacement options. Clear communication about the implant process, including the expected costs, timeline, and success rates, can help alleviate anxiety and build trust. By emphasizing the predictability of modern implant procedures and discussing potential risk factors upfront, patients can feel more confident in their decision to proceed with treatment. Offering warranties or guarantees on implant treatments can provide patients with additional reassurance.

DPR: Tell us about the OmniTaper system and what makes this so beneficial.

TS: DS continuously assesses its implant portfolio with the aim of providing a clinically relevant assortment. One part is to always review existing systems and make them even better. DS OmniTaper is an excellent example of this: it combines clinical proven features with modern techniques (drilling protocols, prosthetics).

The investment in long-term science and clinical studies of the implant systems is a key differentiator in the premium market segment.

With the addition of DS OmniTaper Implant System to the EV implant family, we now offer parallel walled, apically tapered and fully tapered body shapes for surgical clinicians to have the flexibility they need. These implants also have the conical EV connection designed for one-position-only abutment placing for Atlantis patient-specific abutments and are compatible with our complete digital DS Signature Workflows (including Primescan, OSSIX and Atlantis).

While the implant design may not be a “novelty”, what is unique is the EV Family and its combination of these 3 implants that all share the EV Connection, OsseoSpeed surface and DS Signature workflows.

The DS OmniTaper Implant System is the choice for dental professionals who are looking for an implant system they can rely on in virtually all clinical situations—one that can be placed and restored using an intuitive treatment protocol. It ensures treatment success, patient satisfaction and improves the quality of life for the patient.

The design is based on the trusted apically tapered Xive Implant design, which has over 20 years of success, modernized with the conical EV connection and OsseoSpeed surface. The conical EV connection that provides access to the harmonized and comprehensive EV prosthetic portfolio for restorative flexibility and immediate chairside solutions. The OsseoSpeed® implant surface stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the healing process, for increased bone formation and stronger bone-to-implant bonding.

Experiences of users show that working with the DS OmniTaper Implant System demonstrates reliability and scalability. Clinicians appreciate the simplified drilling protocol of the implant system: This facilitates surgery and leads even more reliably to the desired result.

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