AAO 2017: Smarter Alloys Debuts SmartArch VariTorque Archwire

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Saying the new rectangular wire will shorten treatment time and reduce forces applied to teeth, Smarter Alloys unveiled its new SmartArch VariTorque Archwire on Saturday, April 22 at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in San Diego, California. The new wires, the company says, express the biomechanically optimized force at each tooth.

Smarter Alloys made news on Saturday, April 22 at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in San Diego by announcing its new SmartArch VariTorque archwire.

According to a news release from Smarter Alloys, a Canadian company based in Waterloo, Ontario, SmartArch VariTorque uses rectangular wires to better control force applied to teeth.

These new wires, Smarter Alloys says, “express the biomechanically optimized force at each tooth,” making treatment more effective.

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The company notes that VariTorque breaks new ground, because it is the first rectangular archwire to apply variable torsion flex to each bracket “for tooth-to-tooth torque expression.” The company says that this new technology translates to eliminating the need for different wire sizes. That causes an increase in bracket slot play, which reduces torque expression. These two factors allow for earlier torque and rotational activations with gentler forces, the company says.

“We’re adding another dimension of force control to SmartArch,” said Michael Kuntz, PhD, M.B.A., and vice president of operations. “Rectangular VariTorque wires offer orthodontists the most advanced torque control available in an archwire.”

Smarter Alloys notes that orthodontists can also use VariTorque after using the SmartArch Universal round wire to reduce overall treatment time.

“SmartArch is now a complete archwire solution for orthodontists,” said Ibraheem Khan, PhD and CEO of Smarter Alloys. “Today, we’re able to offer the full range of forces required for alignment, levelling, rotation and torque for every tooth in a simple two-wire system.”

Ten packs of SmartArch will cost U.S. orthodontists $150. The new technology is on display at the Annual Session through Tuesday, April 25.

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