AAO 2017: New Product to Help Braces-Wearers Brush

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Armor Dental chose the American Association of Orthodontists 2017 Annual Session to launch its new product, Mouth-Mate. The company says Mouth-Mate will help orthodontic patients retract their cheeks and lips, helping them reach those hard-to-brush places. This will lead to fewer white spots and cavities, as well as plaque and biofilm reduction.

Mouth-Mate's felxible head can help braces-wearers move their cheeks and lips out of the away to brush around brackets.

Armor Dental, the company behind Mouth-Mate, a product designed to protect oral wounds while brushing, launched the product at the American Academy of Orthodontists 2017 Annual Session on Saturday, April 22.

Dentist’s Money Digest® reported on this product, which uses rubber tips and a flexible head to cover oral wounds, allowing patients to brush in comfort, in February when it was announced. The launch comes at the Annual Session because, according to a news release from Armor Dental, Mouth-Mate also has applications for orthodontics.

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Orthodontic patients can use Mouth-Mate’s flexible head to retract their cheeks and lips, allowing them better access to areas that are often blocked by orthodontia. This will make brushing and flossing for braces-wearers easier, the company says, leading to plaque and cavity reduction, as well as fewer white spots.

The company quotes Domenic Mazzocco, D.M.D., who practices at Hanover Orthodontics in Hanover, Massachusetts, praising the product.

“We must remember that orthodontic patients with new braces effectively have a new mouth, and will benefit from this new approach to hygiene at home,” Mazzocco said, noting that better brushing for orthodontic patients “can help eliminate the risk of developing gingivitis, white spots, cavities, and manage biofilm.”

As previously reported by Dentist’s Money Digest®, Mouth-Mate isn’t just for orthodontic patients. Dental patients recovering from implants, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting and extractions can use the oval tip to shield surgical cites.

Mouth-Mate is available through Henry Schein Dental. Orthodontists can see live demos of the product at the Annual Session, from today through Tuesday, April 25.

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