A Step-by-Step Approach to Esthetic Excellence: Every Detail Matters


Social media has flooded the Internet with beautiful "before and after" photographs of porcelain restorations. While these images can help promote the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, one of the problems this can lead to is patients mistakenly assuming that such restorations are simple to achieve. They may fail to realize that multiple steps need to be taken to attain such esthetic results, with each step requiring meticulous attention to detail. What some patients may not appreciate is the precision that goes into every step and which is critical to achieving long-term success.

From preparation design and material choice, to selecting the correct bonding protocol and cements, no steps in the restorative process can be overlooked or deemed less important than others.

The case presented describes a smile rehabilitation with proper isolation and cementation protocols. You’ll see Dr. Notarantonio’s side of:

  • Timing for post-fit evaluation
  • Air abrasion system
  • Post-fit restoration cleaning
  • Isolation for ideal bonding
  • Veneer procedure of choice

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