8 Ridiculous Things That Annoy All Dentists

Working in the medical industry is a rewarding and meaningful opportunity to help others. But sometimes, patients can be whiny, inconsiderate nightmares that make doctors question why they even bother. With dental fear being one of the most common medical phobias, dentists deal with this perhaps more than any other health care provider. DMD put together a comprehensive list of top complaints from dentists, so scroll below to see if any of your pet peeves made the cut.

1.“I hate the dentist”

When you hear this, you probably say to yourself, “Yeah, well the dentist hates you back, but thanks for reminding me how unpopular I am.” This is the most common utterance from patients, who are remarkably oblivious to the fact that they’re being rude.


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2.Repeatedly no-showing or being late

Just like any other doctor, dentists have busy patient schedules. So, when a patient flakes out or is tardy for not one, not two, but pretty much every appointment, the aggravation can be enough to want to banish that person from your practice.

3.Chatting during procedures

Ironically enough, both dentists and patients complain about this one. Can’t everyone just agree to be quiet?

4. Complaining about and comparing costs

Oh, the dentist on the other side of town only charged you mother-in-law X dollars for the same procedure? Go see them, then.

5.Waiting until it’s an emergency

No one likes a patient who forgoes seeing a dentist for a decade and then shows up at a practice’s doorstep to get a rotting tooth yanked out. To prevent agonizing pain, patients should schedule regular dental checkups and take care of their teeth.


The patient is screaming, but you haven’t even touched them yet. Should be a fun appointment.

7. Smartphone addicts

Seriously, does a patient really need to be texting the entire time the dentists’ hand is in their mouth?

8.Not listening

Yes, you really do need to brush and floss every day, avoid foods that cause tooth decay, and come in for routine visits. If a patient does not follow these simple tips for a healthy mouth and then complains about the consequences, it is hard to have sympathy.

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