7 steps to creating dental practice videos

Naomi Cooper

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Online videos are quickly becoming a powerful influence on consumers today. Why? Video is incredibly engaging. According to research published by Atlas, video is six times more effective than print or online promotions.

Online videos are quickly becoming a powerful influence on consumers today. Why? Video is incredibly engaging. According to research published by Atlas, video is six times more effective than print or online promotions.

Even better, producing a video doesn’t cost much, if anything at all, making it a terrific tool for dentists. Think it sounds difficult? Producing and uploading videos can actually be quite simple.

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Here are seven steps to creating videos for your dental practice:

Choose a device

Most smartphones today are well-equipped to shoot quality video. You can also use handheld devices, such as a GoPro. If you have a newer computer or laptop, there likely is a built-in camera perfect for shooting a video from your desk.

Eye on the target

Keep in mind the videos are targeted to patients so the topics need to be of interest to patients and, most importantly, is stated in nonclinical, easy-to-understand, layperson’s terms. Also, keep the content short and sweet. Most videos should be less than 60 seconds in duration for maximum engagement.

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Subject matter rules

Good topics include a tour of the practice, a welcome message from the dentist, descriptions of common procedures, aftercare instructions and answers to patients’ frequently asked questions. Also consider shooting “get-to-know-the-staff” videos, as well as patient testimonials, but, if you go that route, be sure to get a written release from anyone featured before publishing the video online.

Location, location, location

Pick a quiet part of the practice to shoot the video. Make sure there is good lighting and acoustics and that the area is as free from distraction and background noise as possible.

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Dress up

Be sure to wear a nice solid color that will “pop.” Stay away from stark white or busy patterns, which tend to translate poorly on camera. Men can wear a dress shirt (tie optional), and women a blouse or sweater. Do not wear scrubs or lab coats. Remember, the point is to be welcoming and professional not intimidating and clinical.

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Take your time

Practice makes perfect. Shoot a few takes before deciding on the best version to use. Remember to speak slowly and avoid any overly technical dental jargon patients may not understand.

Make it viral

This is the most important step! Upload the finished product to all online platforms, including the dental practice website, blog, YouTube channel and all social media and online review profiles. This way, the video has a chance to be seen and shared by as many current and prospective patients as possible.

Not only are online videos important for patient engagement, but they contribute to the dental practice’s SEO strategy. Remember, Google owns YouTube. Search engines favor original content, making video highly valuable in terms of increasing the overall online visibility of the practice.

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Creating dental practice videos is a powerful yet cost-effective way of promoting the practice online. Give prospective patients a behind-the scenes-glimpse into what the dental practice is all about, and stay connected with current patients in an engaging way. Keep the videos fun. Keep them professional. And most of all, keep creating online momentum for your dental practice. 


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