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An introduction to this automated practice software that handles the business side of the practice so you can focus on your patients.



What: YAPI - Practice Software

Who: YAPI - 949-535-1059 -

Where: Dental practices everywhere

When: Important information can be accessed online at any time, from the practice, remotely from home, and even from your favorite device or smartwatch.

Why: YAPI is an automated practice efficiency software that is designed to enhance the business side of dentistry. The software can help practices automate certain menial tasks so clinicians can focus on patient care. With YAPI’s True Paperless™ feature, practices can save time with endless data entry, printing, scanning, and shredding papers. Patients can review, complete, and sign patient forms on an iPad anywhere in the office or via the practice’s website from their home devices. Practice Dashboard by YAPI™ allows office personnel to quickly see all of a patient’s information in one place so nothing is overlooked. Real-time, actionable alerts will enable the dental team to make better and faster data-driven decisions with fewer interruptions to patient care. Plus, YAPI’s intra-office chat allows for direct, discrete communication between team members via color-coded two-way messages with audible alerts to request hygiene checks, call for assistance, summon a provider, or to relate any sensitive information.

How: YAPI is currently designed to integrate seamlessly with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, PracticeWorks, and Practice-Web. The platform can send automatic personalized communications to patients customized to their preferences, including email, text messages, and postcard appointment reminders. YAPI is also designed to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by sending on-demand text messages right from your desktop to notify patients on your ASAP list of available openings when there are gaps in the schedule. YAPI’s Recall Manager feature automates your continuous care and reactivation efforts by daily searching your database to locate any unscheduled patients who are past due for hygiene appointments. Recall Manager will then invite them to return with a sequence of customizable messages and reminders. YAPI POP™ allows for remote online access to practice data, any time from anywhere. You can view all upcoming appointments, see which patients are on your ASAP list, and Care Call lists, view and respond directly to patient texts, and more.