5Ws* Weave

An introduction to this communication software that serves as a remote business toolbox for dental practices.

Weave Communication/Marketing

What: Weave

Who: Weave – 888-579-5668 – getweave.com

Where: Practices looking to use the internet to perform office communications and to improve scheduling, patient responses and also online reputation.

When: This solution can be used by every practice all the time. Improved communication, revenue generation and team workflows can all be achieved and are all results desired by practices.

Why: Weave gives businesses instant access to what they need to know and do for each customer the moment he or she calls, facilitating more meaningful and productive interactions. The VoIP phone system combined with a desktop and mobile app improves scheduling, customer response, online reputation, team workflow, revenue generation, and more. No matter how much you modify the ways you interact with customers, deliver services, and secure revenue, Weave provides the flexibility for you to adapt and keep your practice running.

*How: Weave uses the internet to perform office communications, allowing practices to securely use the HIPAA compliant Weave app to text patients. You can also call or text patients from a personal device using the app to appear as if you are communicating from your office. Weave also connects to practice management software to provide the front desk with patient information as soon as the phone rings.