5Ws* Tokuyama Dental’s OMNICHROMA

An introduction to this universal composite that esthetically matches every patient with a single shade.

Tokuyama Dental’s OMNICHROMA

What: OMNICHROMA Universal Composite

Who: Tokuyama Dental – 877-378-3548 – OMNICHROMA.com

Where: Practices looking to improve their direct restoratives with a universal composite that’s not only esthetic but handles and polishes well.

When: This universal composite is designed for every shade and every class.

Why: OMNICHROMA is the world’s first universal composite that esthetically matches every patient, from A1 to D4, with a single shade. Its uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers (260nm spherical SiO2-ZrO2) allow OMNICHROMA to match every one of the 16 VITA classical shades, a science the manufacturer calls Smart Chromatic Technology. Its wide color-matching ability eliminates the shade-taking procedure, reducing composite inventory and saving doctors time and money.

*How: OMNICHROMA utilizes structural color with its 260nm spherical fillers. The fillers are the exact size and shape needed to generate red-to-yellow color as ambient light passes through the composite, without the need of added pigments or dyes. This red-to-yellow color generated by the spherical fillers combines with the reflected color of the patient’s surrounding dentition, creating the perfect match from A1 to D4 and beyond.