5Ws* Synapse Dental Pain Eraser

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This portable, pen-shaped tool can be easily used by both the clinician in the dental office and the patient at home to provide immediate oral pain relief without the need for needles or medication.

Information provided by Synapse Dental Pain Eraser


An FDA 510(k)–cleared pain inhibitor that can be used by both the dental professional and the patient. It is the first time that medically proven neuromodulation technology is being used for oral pain management.


Synapse Dental Pain Eraser

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By the clinician chairside, or at home by patients, to prevent and relieve oral pain in seconds.


At the dental practice or at home.


Research data from Synapse Dental Pain Eraser show that nearly 50% of patients feel oral pain during their dental appointments and more than 25% of patients feel pain after the appointment. This can cause patients to avoid dental treatment, leading to problems further down the road. The Synapse Dental Pain Eraser provides immediate pain relief that lasts up to 48 hours without requiring opioid-analgesic or anesthetic solutions, as well as pain prevention.

The How*

A portable, pen-shaped device, the Synapse Dental Pain Eraser utilizes PulseWave™ neuromodulation to apply a subsensory stimulus and disrupt nerve depolarization for everything from cavity removal without anesthesia in children to alleviating severe tooth pain, TMD/TMJ discomfort, periodontal maintenance, and even crown cementation. It can be used on both hard and soft tissue in the oral cavity (for a broad spectrum of dental treatments and oral disorders) to target wherever the patient feels pain, and is the only solution that is needle-free, drug-free, and numb-free. Its ease of use allows people of all ages (from children to elderly) to be pain-free and anxiety-free during their dental appointments, and erase their oral pain at home, too. It is available with 2 or 4 metal probes to target all surface areas.