5Ws* StellaLife Pre+Post+Probiotics Kit


StellaLife has compiled a convenient kit of prebiotics and postbiotics to maintain healthy flora in both the oral microbiome and the gut.

5Ws* StellaLife Pre+Post+Probiotics Kit | Image Credit: StellaLife

5Ws* StellaLife Pre+Post+Probiotics Kit

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A probiotics kit comprised of oral and gut probiotics to restore flora and maintain a healthy mouth.


Any time


Patients can take 1 lozenge of Oral Pre+Probiotic or 1 capsule of Spore Probiotic either at home or at the dental practice.


Microorganisms in the human body play a large role in health, and cultivating a healthy microbiome for those microorganisms is important for overall health. Prebiotics and postbiotics boost oral and gut flora, creating a healthy microbiome.

The How*

The StellaLife Pre+Post+Probiotics Kit contains 2 varieties of probiotics for both the oral microbiome and gut microbiome. It deploys 6 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of 9 essential strains in the oral probiotic and includes vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc in the prebiotic. In the gut spore kit, StellaLife has deployed 7.5 billion CFUs of 5 essential strains and 10 billion CFUs of necessary postbiotics in an easy-to-digest vegetable capsule. Spore probiotics are hardier in stomach acid, lasting longer to help the gut. This kit contains each of these components necessary for building both a healthy oral microbiome and gut microbiome.

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