5Ws* Stela


This self-cure composite is designed to deliver optimal physical properties, simplified placement, and chameleon effect esthetics.

5Ws* Stela | Image Credit: © SDI

Image Credit: © SDI


Stela Self Cure Composite






Class I, II, III, and V restorations. Especially useful for deep restorations and areas difficult to reach with a curing light.


With no etching or curing necessary, Stela composite is placed in a single increment directly into the prep after the Stela primer is applied and air dried. Designed for strength, it can be used in many situations from core build-ups, to small and large restorations, to restoring buccal lesions, and repairs.


Stela offers an unlimited depth of cure, and because the primer initiates curing right where the material meets the tooth, the self-curing composite polymerizes with reduced shrinkage stress to create a gap-free interface mitigating the risk of postop sensitivity and micro-leakage. Once cured the material offers a high compressive strength to withstand the forces in the mouth and a high flexural strength to withstand stresses, and reduce the risk of restoration failure.


Developed by SDI and researchers from University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, and the University of Wollongong, Stela was created as a system designed for clinical efficiency and optimal restorative outcomes creating a true amalgam alternative. SDI’s proprietary formulation excludes the additive tertiary amine, which can contribute to restorations yellowing over time, Stela provides lasting, stable esthetics with a simplified, single-shade system.

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