5Ws* SmartMirror

A look at the innovative SmartMirror from Smart Mirror Dental

Smart Mirror

What: SmartMirror

Who: Smart Mirror Dental – info@smartmirror.dental – smartmirror.dental

Where: In the operatory

When: During any appointment where a mirror or intraoral camera would be used.

Why: SmartMirror combines a high-quality intraoral mirror with integrated lighting, a video camera and even dictation recording. The device can be wireless connected to a tablet application to allow patients to see what clinicians see. Recordings and images can be used to document treatment, engage and educate patients, all while the SmartMirror provides optimal intraoral visibility.

*How: Housed in the handle of a 20 mm dental mirror with a sapphire lens is everything needed to record video and send the images to a nearby device via Wi-Fi. The SmartMirror features integrated LED which are dimmable enabling clinicians to light the oral cavity optimally. The micro imaging technology captures live video during use, and these videos can be sent to a monitor in the operatory or recorded for later viewing and use. Dictations can be directly imported into practice management software and video recordings can be shared with patients and other clinicians via a HIPAA compliant URL.