Renfert’s bag-free extraction unit with automatic filter cleaning and long-life, brushless EC motor technology delivers on power and efficiency.

5Ws* SILENT powerCAM EC | Image Credit: © Renfert USA

5Ws* SILENT powerCAM EC | Image Credit: © Renfert USA

Information provided by Renfert USA.


SILENT powerCAM EC extraction unit for CAM milling


Renfert USA




All dental labs and practices where CAM milling machines are used.


It is best paired with heavily used CAM milling machines running more than 6 hours per day.


The extraction unit features a reliable production process through brushless EC (electronically commutated) motor technology (guaranteed run time of 5000 operating hours). There are no follow-up costs because of its bag-free dust collection with an easy-to-empty dust drawer. However, if users prefer to dispose the milling dust with the help of a waste bag, that is also an option Renfert provides (to place in the dust drawer).

The How*

The unit features a high volume flow of approximately 4000 l/min, and a low operating noise of maximum 54.3 dB (A). The automatic filter cleaning increases longevity and provides easy maintenance, and the SILENT powerCAM EC’s long-lasting motor has a guaranteed runtime of 5000 operating hours with easy motor change in a few minutes.

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