5Ws* Shofu's EyeSpecial Camera

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An introduction to this point-and-shoot camera designed specifically for dental professionals.

Shofu's EyeSpecial Digital Camera

What: EyeSpecial

Who: Shofu – 800-827-4638 –

Where: In the operatory of any dental practice or in any dental laboratory


When: Before, during, and after clinical procedures; at new patient intake; during case presentation

Why: To make capturing clinical and patient images quick and easy. These images can be used for clinical documentation before, during, and after treatment; for legal documentation; for diagnosis and treatment planning purposes; to enhance patient communication and education, during insurance verification, as well as for dental lab and specialist collaboration.

*How: Designed specifically for dental professionals, the EyeSpecial includes features designed to automate and simplify clinical photography. The camera can capture up to 12-megapixel images with 9 preset dental-specific shooting modes including Surgery Mode designed to capture intraoral images from a distance, Whitening Mode for before and after shade comparison, Isolation Mode which grays out gum tissue to make shade matching more accurate, and Movie Mode for capturing video and audio clips up to 10 minutes. The preset shooting modes automatically set the ideal f-stop, shutter speed, flash intensity, zoom, and other variables to make clinical documentation as easy as point and shoot.

A large LCD touchscreen that can be used with gloved hands makes viewing the images on the camera simple, and auto-cropping makes it easy to keep image sizes uniform. The camera body is lightweight for one-handed photography, and its durable, polymer construction is chemical, water, and scratch-resistant, making it perfectly suited for use in clinical settings. The camera can be disinfected between uses with a disinfecting wipe to help prevent cross-contamination.