5Ws* N95 Qualitative Fit Test Kits

These kits from HuFriedyGroup allow for comprehensive, robust testing of N95 respirators for use in dental practices.

Information provided by HuFriedyGroup.


Saccharin and Bitrex® N95 respirator test kits



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Every dental practice


Anytime new N95 respirators are introduced to the practice, as well as during regular testing of N95 masks. The kits are for use with any disposable filtering facepiece and negative-pressure half-face respirator.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has required fit tests for N95 masks to ensure they are both functional and protective against respiratory pathogens.

The How*

The Qualitative Fit Test Kits from HuFriedyGroup include 1 hood, 60 mL of test solution, sensitivity solution, 2 nebulizers, 4 replacement nozzles, 2 cleaning tools, and a flash drive with instructions on proper use. The kits allow for a comprehensive N95 testing protocol that is relatively easy to use. The kits are OSHA and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health compliant.