5Ws* TeleDent from MouthWatch

An introduction to this teledentistry platform that enables synchronous and asynchronous communication between clinicians and patients.

MouthWatch's TeleDent

What: Teledentistry Platform

Who: MouthWatch - 877-544-4342 - mouthwatch.com

Where: Teledent enables clinicians to offer billable evaluations through its secure messaging and live video conferencing from any location.

When: Communicate with patients any time with secure messaging and live video conferencing.

Why: Teledentistry allows patients to be screened prior to appointments to determine if their case merits immediate attention while keeping the patient and staff safe from a communicable disease. Clinicians can securely offer clinical expertise and decide on the next steps with Teledent’s secure patient messaging from any internet-connected device. Live video conferencing allows for face-to-face virtual meetings using live, recordable video.

*How: TeleDent’s cloud collaboration feature allows clinicians to communicate and share diagnostic information with the team, specialists, and patients in a cloud-based portal. TeleDent enables remote treatment planning, supervision, and collaboration in real-time with live, synchronous stream of data and store-and-forward, asynchronous communication at the provider’s convenience. Its patient and provider portals allow for the easy sharing of treatment plans, images, and videos that improve case acceptance and patient experience. The dental team can also chat internally, as well.

TeleDent is HIPAA compliant with a high level of encryption of patient data and an automated secure backup. Login credentials can be given role-based access for worry-free security.