5Ws* MMG Fusion's Chairfill

An introduction to MMG Fusion's automated patient communications and scheduling application, Chairfill.


What: Chairfill

Who: MMG Fusion – 844-938-7466 – mmgfusion.com

Where: Online in the background

When: 24/7

Why: Chairfill is a software service designed to keep a practice’s schedule filled with the most profitable patients possible. The system monitors when appointments are available in the practice’s schedule and uses the data contained in existing patient records to contact and schedule the most appropriate patients for those available times.

*How: Chairfill analyzes the practices patient records to find patients who are in need of treatment, and works to fill holes in the schedule with the patients who best fit the practice’s pre-set parameters such as patients in need of specific procedures, or patients in need of procedures with the highest profit margin. Once set up, Chairfill is always on in the background, and uses patient data to contact each prospect with customized messaging and via different formats based on the patient’s age, gender, and the procedure.

The software solution automatically contacts patients that fit the profile for the open chair times, and offers those appointments to the most appropriate patients using imagery and language designed specifically to appeal to each prospect. Once a patient responds to the outreach, Chairfill can automatically schedule the patient and add the patient to the schedule. By using Chairfill a practice can free up front office staff from contacting patients to fill open times and allow them to dedicate their time to other tasks.