5Ws* iVac™

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report February 2023, Volume 57, Issue 2

This irrigation and activation system provides safe and effective disinfection of the root canal system through its intuitive and continuous irrigation, ultrasonic vibration, and apical negative pressure.

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An apical negative pressure irrigation and activation system


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Any dental practice that performs root canal procedures.


For use during the root canal treatment irrigation phase.


The iVac is designed for all endo cases. It is particularly instrumental in situations where the irrigation depth control is critical, such as young patients, trauma, apexification, regeneration, and apical foramen resoprtions. The design allows for the continuous exchange of ultrasonically activated irrigants until the working length. It cleans and disinfects irregularities of the root canal system with the action of its continuous ultrasonic irrigation.

The How*

Formulated with 3 key concepts established by endodontic research for root canal irrigation and disinfection, iVac provides complete control of irrigation depth in the hands of the clinician. It uses ultrasonic vibration, apical negative pressure, and concomitant irrigation to accomplish efficient and safe procedures. It also uses a polymer microcannula that can access curved canals while vibrating as metal to provide potent irrigant ultrasonic activation. In addition, the cannula has an external and internal diameter specifically designed to reduce risk of clogging.