5Ws* E3

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The latest milling machine from vhf Inc is designed to deliver effortless workflows for the processing of occlusal appliances.

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E3 milling machine


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Dental labs and dental practices that perform the milling of aligners, splints, and other occlusal appliances.


When processing occlusal appliances, the innovative E3 enables users to automate the precision trimming. You can expect optimal results in the shortest time, with no arduous reworking.


The E3 is a very compact milling machine that has been specially developed for cutting out the most diverse shapes of thermoformed splints such as aligners, bite splints, grinding splints, and other variants up to sports mouth guards. It is the first vhf machine for this field, which has been very much characterized by manual work so far.

The How*

The TRIMCAMsoftware, which vhf has developed especially for this purpose, automatically recognizes the so-called trimline on which the occlusal appliance will later be milled out from the available planning data. The fixation of the workpiece in the E3 is done in 1 second: without any tools, the splint is simply clipped into the holder. For example, an aligner is milled out in less than 60 seconds so that an entire series can be produced in the shortest time. The user benefits from the high quality of computer numerical control production, and virtually no reworking is required.