5Ws* Diamond Dusted Forceps


A light diamond coating enhances grip on these forceps from HuFriedyGroup.

Diamond Dusted Forceps from HuFriedyGroup


Diamond Dusted Forceps


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Any dental practice performing extractions and other procedures using forceps.


Any time an extraction is being performed.


A fine diamond coating applied to the beaks increases resistance and enhances engagement between the forceps and the tooth surface. The thin, tapered beaks allow for easier access and increased visibility while the matte finish lessens eye fatigue. Additionally, the ergonomic handle design reduces weight and increases clinician comfort.

*The How:

Diamond Dusted Forceps achieve their enhanced grip because of the way in which the diamonds are bonded to the longitudinal serrations of the beaks. In testing by HuFriedyGroup, this provides a 20% increase in grip when compared with the company’s standard forceps.

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