5Ws* Dentulu

An introduction to this dental app providing teledentistry and much more to connect patients and clinicians.


What: Dentulu Teledentistry App

Who: Dentulu – 888-905-0226 – dentulu.com

Where: Wherever a patient or clinician has a device with an internet connection

When: Anytime a patient needs care or a clinician needs to connect with a colleague.

Why: Remote access to care is more important than ever and virtual communications are advocated by the ADA as well as major insurance carriers. Dentists can use Dentulu to connect with new patients through both synchronous and asynchronous Teledentistry. Dental offices and DSO’s can use the Dentulu enterprise solutions to generate new patients as well as minimize in-office forms, in-office scheduling, screenings, and post-operative follow up visits with existing patients. This can help save on PPE costs, protect staff and patients, and open up more chairs for production.

*How: Dental practices can register for free by downloading the Dentulu app or visiting www.dentulu.com to make themselves visible to new patients looking to find care via the app's encrypted, HIPAA-compliant network. The app can also be used to interact with existing patients via text, chat, and video appointments. These virtual appointments are saved for future reference or forwarding to a specialist. Dentulu supports sharing of x-rays and other clinical images, whether they are being shown to a patient or sent to a referral partner. Dentulu offers several paid features as well including a private labeled mobile app for offices to use with existing patients.