5Ws* Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit

This bundle creates durable, esthetic zirconia restorations in less time.

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Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit


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Any dental lab that requires fast fabrication of esthetic zirconia restorations


Whenever a zirconia restoration is needed quickly and efficiently or same day


The Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit creates restorations in a fast and flexible manner. The compact machine combines important steps in the fabrication of zirconia restorations to make fabrication quicker for dental labs to better serve practices and patients.

The How*

Combining the Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace and the Zolid DRS material, the Ceramill DRS High-speed Zirconia Kit creates esthetic zirconia restorations in a shorter amount of time. It coordinates with Vita shades and translucency gradient for esthetics and utilizes a superfast sintering cycle for a quick turnaround. Because the Zolid DRS meets the characteristics of a Class 5 zirconia, technicians can find comfort in its safety.