5Ws* Bravrr’s BruxRelief

An introduction to this cloud-connected wearable AI device that allows patients to assess masticatory muscle activity from their own home.

Bravrr's BruxRelief

What: Bravrr BruxRelief

Who: Bravrr – 720-432-6156 – bruxrelief.com

Where: Practices focused on the general wellness of their patients. In addition to delivering oral care, dental teams can use BruxRelief to gather objective data on their patient’s nightly clenching and grinding activities.

When: This general wellness health tracking device is intended for assessment and monitoring of a patient’s nightly masticatory activities. The BruxRelief headband uses novel sensors and artificial intelligence to track temporalis contractions and provides in-depth sleep analytics.

Why: You can diagnose bruxism before damage occurs and increase patient compliance with data. Bruxism is a complex unconscious behavior. Besides tooth damage from grinding, clenching behavior is the culprit of bruxism’s more painful symptoms like headaches, migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, dizziness, or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Unfortunately, bruxers who are primarily clenchers show very little signs of physical damage to their teeth but suffer most of the pain. BruxRelief helps dental teams uncover and treat more patients suffering pain, but not showing physical damage to their teeth.

*How: After each assessment session, you and your patient will get instant access to an easy to understand report of your patient’s nightly clenching and grinding activities. The A.I. powered at-home assessment is designed to give patients the confidence they deserve. Data collected by the system makes it easier to prescribe treatment and monitor progress. It’s extremely easy to use and comfortable to wear.