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An introduction to this cloud-based imaging software available on any device at any time.

Apteryx Imaging's XVWeb

What: XVWeb + 3D - Imaging Software

Who: Apteryx - 877-278-3799 - -


Where: XVWeb can be used to access, enhance, and optimize clinical images from anywhere with internet access— inside the practice, at home, or on the road.

When: Images are available through XVWeb 24/7 via computers, tablets, and smartphones. Even without an internet connection, this software can be used to acquire images and store them locally, syncing with XVWeb once internet is restored.

Why: XVWeb is a cloud-based dental imaging software suitable for practices of all sizes. It includes image hosting, storage, data backup, support, and updates. Clinicians can review and plan treatments from any location on any device with internet access. XVWeb 3D includes an online image portal where referring doctors can securely log-in and view images you choose via the web, allowing for efficient case collaboration. This is open-architecture software, which allows clinicians to integrate XVWeb seamlessly into most practice management systems.

XVWeb 3D is hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure data center, which ensures a high level of security and HIPAA compliance. Collaboration is safe and secure. And in addition, data backup, hosting, and security are all included, reducing the practice’s dependency on onsite services and saving money on IT expenses.

*How: XVWeb integrates with most practice management software—from the practice management dashboard, the patient record is available in XVWeb in one click. The software works with most types of radiographs, including full mouth series, bitewing series, intraoral/extraoral camera images, pans, and Ceph X-rays.

Once a patient record is launched, XVWeb offers a variety of tools that can enhance your experience, such as the enhancement tool, which can be applied to a single image or a series of images. The enhancement tool can be used with specific sensor brands or it can be customized to create your own filters. A spot enhancement tool provides an exaggerated density filter and images can be compared side-by-side.