5Ws* Vista Apex's PinkWave


An introduction to a truly unique curing light that goes beyond blue UV light.

Vista Apex's PinkWave

What: PinkWave™ Quadwave Curing Light

Who: Vista Apex - 877-273-9123 - apexdentalmaterials.com

Where: Practices look for an efficient curing procedure that decreases shrinkage and microleakage.

When: Clinicians are searching for a curing light that can create greater wear-resistance and extend the life of their restorations.

Why: The PinkWave was designed to enhance the efficiency of curing procedures. Said to be the only pink light on the market, this curing light decreases shrinkage of the materials, resulting in a better restoration with a decreased chance of failure, decreased marginal staining, and a lower chance of microleakage and secondary caries. The PinkWave’s built-in transilluminator allows clinicians to check for cracks or caries.

*How: With its patented QuadWave™ Technology, this curing light uses 4 different wavelengths: UV photoinitiators, CQ initiators, Enhanced polymerization, and Near-infrared (NIR) enhanced polymerization. It increases polymerization with its NIR wavelength, which leads to an overall decrease in restoration failure. Additionally, blue light output is reportedly limited by its ability to damage pulpal tissue if too much power is emitted. Since NIR wavelength is not absorbed by pulpal tissue, the PinkWave is able to safely deliver more power. The light features 3 different modes—Standard and Ramp, (1640mw/cm2) and Boost (1865 mw/cm2). With what is reportedly the largest curing area on the market at 113 mm2, the PinkWave is said to decrease shrinkage by 37% and increase polymerization by 19%. Plus the unit is lightweight at just 88g.

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