5Ws* 3Shape's TRIOS 4

An introduction to this powerful intraoral scanner.

What: TRIOS® 4 - Intraoral Scanner

Who: 3Shape - 908-867-0144 - 3shape.com

Where: Practices looking to integrate a digital workflow with an easy-to-use, entry-level scanner, or a fully digital practice ready to take their scans beyond treatment.

When: Capturing full-arch digital impressions and enables preventative care with monitoring tools.

Why: 3Shape’s TRIOS 4 scanner includes powerful features, such as wireless functionality, a flexible MOVE setup to engage patients, and an unrivaled open ecosystem. Reportedly the world’s first wireless scanner, the TRIOS 4 allows for scanning that is unrestricted by wires, making the process more comfortable for the clinician and patient. Patient excitement apps and in-house design and production make scans come to life.

*How: TRIOS 4’s artificial intelligence scan technology removes unnecessary soft tissues on the scan, making scanning easier. The scanner’s open ecosystem allows you to directly connect with preferred partners, including restorative and orthodontic labs, milling machines and 3D printers, practice management systems, clear aligner providers, and more. The TRIOS 4 allows you to go beyond treatment by enabling preventative care with caries diagnostics aid and monitoring tools.

TRIOS MOVE+ excites patients by displaying their scans and treatment designs up close on a large monitor. TRIOS Patient Monitoring® scans every patient every time to track changes in teeth and identify dental conditions sooner. Visual information can be shared with patients using color to show the amount of change. Smile Design allows for a side-by-side comparison of the patent’s current smile and post-treatment smile to align expectations and stimulate case acceptance. The unit’s smart tips heat faster to ensure you are scan-ready in seconds—with a 30% longer battery life.