5 ways 3Shape just made their latest scanners better

At this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting, 3Shape announced updates to their most recent scanner, the D2000.

At the recent Chicago Midwinter Meeting, 3Shape introduced their updated D2000 dental lab scanner. The updated D2000 features new enhancements designed to reduce even more time and steps in the digital dental workflow. 

3Shape revealed five new ways the D2000 can reportedly shorten your workflow: 

Optimized processing speed-Is said to boost performance and enable better scanning workflows for several indications. This update also shortens waiting time between creating orders and starting the scan, and enables technicians to begin next scan without having to wait for post-processing.

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Calibrated Transfer-plates solution-Reportedly enables the precise capture of the bite and the model’s position in the articulator to save a step in the workflow. This feature works with any articulator. 

Impression scanning-Multi-line scanning in the D2000 is engineered to improve coverage and performance for accurate scanning of impressions to enable restorative design without the need to pour gypsum models.

All-in-One scanning of triple-tray impressions-A special mount enables triple-tray scanning capture of upper, lower and bite in one scan.

Improved workflows for single-tray impressions-The update provides support for single tray impression-scanning, including bite alignment.

Better impression scanning

The D2000 and the smaller D1000 lab scanner feature multi-line techonology. Multi-line technology utilizes multiple scan lines in a single shot to improve cavity and impression capture.

This enables the D2000 and D1000 to accurately scan analog impressions sent to the lab by a dentist. This, in turn, is designed to eliminate the need for technicians pouring or creating a gypsum model from the impression. This saves several steps in the workflow and allows technicians instead to print cost-effective 3D models derived from the analog impression if a physical working model is needed.

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“Impression scanning is today's reality and the future. No waiting for models to set, no plaster inaccuracies and we reduce costs. Every lab should invest in this technology,” notes Carlo Backes, Excent Tandtechniek BV, Holland.

Upcoming Dental System™ 2016

Midwinter and Lab Day visitors also got a sneak peek at the upcoming Dental System 2016 to be released later in the year. The new software reportedly has added many advanced tools while strengthening overall system stability. These updates are designed to provide users with more indications, tools and libraries as well as integrated and intuitive workflows with leading 3D printers and milling machines.

Dental Desktop

Additionally, all 3Shape software will soon be integrated under one platform: Dental Desktop. Dental Desktop brings all of 3Shape's digital dental applications-Dental System, Implant Studio, 3Shape Orthodontics, TRIOS and integrated milling and printing solutions-into one single interface. Users will no longer need to open and close programs, or import and export between systems.

For more information about 3Shape and their latest updates, visit 3Shape.com or call 908-867-0144.