5 reasons to buy: Ultraviolet protection

February 2010 | Dental Products Reportproducts in practice: 5 reasons to buyUltraviolet protectionViolight sanitizer & storage systemCompiled by Noah LevineInformation available at viol

February 2010 | Dental Products Report
products in practice: 5 reasons to buy

Ultraviolet protection

Violight sanitizer & storage system

Compiled by Noah Levine
Information available at violightprofessional.com.


VIOlight prevents cross-contamination of bacteria from one toothbrush to another and from airborne bathroom germs caused by sneezing, coughing or toilet flushing.

Conveniently sanitizes up to four toothbrushes at one time.

The UV bulb lasts more than 2,000 hours and only needs replaced every one or two years, depending on use.

VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer uses germicidal ultraviolet light technology that is clinically shown to physically eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria that reside and thrive on toothbrushes.

UV light is an effective and safe method to kill germs without the use of dangerous chemicals.



AFTER you buy, be sure to have

  • A toothbrush to clean
  • A toothpaste to clean teeth
  • You can find these @ products.dentalproductsreport.com.


Here's something else that can help

Mouthrinse such as The Natural Dentist Pre-Brush Whitening Rinse can help keep teeth clean.