5 reasons to buy: Two Striper

January 2010 | Dental Products Reportproducts in practice: 5 reasons to buyEnhanced speed and accuracyPremier Dental Products Co.’s Two Striper® TS2000™ Burs

January 2010 | Dental Products Report
products in practice: 5 reasons to buy

Enhanced speed and accuracy

Premier Dental Products Co.’s Two Striper® TS2000™ Burs

Compiled by Noah Levine
Information available at premusa.com.

 1. TS2000™ diamonds save time and money by simultaneously performing rapid gross reduction and creating a marginal finish line.

2. The permanently brazed TS2000™ features proprietary P.B.S.® bonding that provides consistent performance and longer cutting life, and helps the burs withstand the high torque of electric handpieces while delivering smooth cutting action over multiple uses.

3. The TS2000™ burs are designed with the spiral channel machined into the blanks before diamonds are applied, greatly reducing the likelihood of diamond particle loss.

4. The spiral circulates water spray to the cutting site and flushes away debris that would otherwise clog the tip, creating cooler, more efficient cutting.

5. Natural diamonds in a coarse grain size produce exceptionally smoother margins and axial walls, eliminating the need to use an additional fine grit bur to correct surface irregularities.

AFTER you buy, be sure to have

  • A reliable highspeed handpiece: COMFORTdrive 200 XDR from KaVo
  • A retraction system: Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System from Premier Dental

Here's something else that can help

Once you’ve prepared the tooth, a digital impression system such as the E4D Dentist from D4D Technologies can capture every detail of your well-defined margins.