5 reasons to buy: everLight

January 2010 | Dental Products Reportproducts in practice: 5 reasons to buyLasting brightnessDentalEZ® Group’s everLight™ LED operatory lightCompiled by Noah LevineInformati

January 2010 | Dental Products Report
products in practice: 5 reasons to buy

Lasting brightness

DentalEZ® Group’s everLight™ LED operatory light

Compiled by Noah Levine
Information available at dentalez.com.

 1. With a life of 30,000-plus hours-10 times longer than halogen-the everLight eliminates the need to replace light bulbs.

2. Using 70% less electricity than halogen-based systems the everLight’s use of less than 35W of energy is said to help lower energy bills.

3. The 100% true direct LED lighting remains at a consistent, cool temperature, eliminating the need for noisy fans or reflectors.

4. Equipped with nine color temperature/intensity settings, everLight is ready to meet a variety of operative needs including focused, shadow-free, color-corrected lighting.

5. The everLight’s natural daylight illumination provides clearer oral cavity visibility and precise color matching, and the composite setting will not cause pre-maturing on composite materials.

AFTER you buy, be sure to have

  • A delivery unit for patient comfort and clinician convenience: Group Simplicity from DentalEZ
  • Comfortable operatory seating: Generation Stool from DentalEZ


Here's something else that can help

Magnification can help you take advantage of what the light illuminates, and companies such as Orascoptic offer a range of loupes to fit just about any clinical need.