4 Benefits of Channels® One Reciprocating NiTi Files exclusively available from Henry Schein

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[Sponsored Checklist] The Channels One files offer everything you need for safe, predictable, and economical endodontics.

Endodontics is one of the most challenging areas in dentistry. Often, the tooth-saving procedures are complex and the patients extra nervous, making the clinician’s job even more difficult.

Thermal injuries, hypochlorite accidents, and separated instruments are among the complications that can occur during an endodontic procedure, placing extra stress on the clinician—not to mention the generally elevated patient anxiety around the dreaded root canal.

Endodontics can be difficult for everyone involved, but the clinician performing the procedure can help to make everything simpler and less tense. To accomplish this, it is critical not only to know how to handle complications but also how to avoid them. That starts with investing in the right tools, particularly when it comes to endodontic files.

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