3Shape's TRIOS Share Enables Scanning from Anywhere

TRIOS Share allows practices to use a TRIOS scanner from any room in the practice.

3Shape has introduced TRIOS Share, a solution that enables clinicians to scan and plan on every PC in the practice with a single TRIOS wireless intraoral scanner. With TRIOS Share, the whole team can use the TRIOS from anywhere in the practice, eliminating the need to have 1 operatory dedicated to intraoral scanning.

TRIOS connects to the internet via Wi-FI, enabling it to be carried from room to room, and allowing staff to use any computer in their respective operatory to scan with and manage cases on, even your practice management system PCs, according to a press release from 3Shape.

TRIOS Share makes it simple for practices to build a digital library of patient scans. It can be activated for free with every TRIOS Wireless scanner, allowing clinicians to maximize their investment and minimize costs.

TRIOS Share can be used in 1 of 2 ways: By mirroring the screen from your original TRIOS PC to every PC in the practice using Splashtop (a third-party application that requires a subscription); or by having multiple scanning PCs in the practice that all connect to the practice’s network. No extra licenses or Wi-FI hubs are needed.