3Shape’s New Lab Management Software, Lab Scanner Improve Digital Workflows

Company’s first-ever 3Shape Lab Management Software launched along with fast, dual model 3Shape F8 lab scanner.

3Shape Lab Management Software (LMS)—3Shape’s first-ever lab management solution—was launched recently at LMT® LAB DAY® in Chicago along with an all-new dual model 3Shape F8 lab scanner. The 2 new solutions are designed to enable dental labs to perform more digitally and to increase efficiency.

“This is a huge step for 3Shape. We are now helping labs to manage their business more efficiently. The new 3Shape LMS will significantly streamline a lab’s everyday work with its tight integration to our Dental System CAD design software, TRIOS, and client-communications applications,” says Rune Fisker, 3Shape Senior Vice President for Product Strategy.

“At the same time, with the introduction of the brand-new 3Shape F8 lab scanner and its open-shaped design, labs can now work faster as well as scan articulators upright, triple trays, die-in-models and much more, quickly and accurately,” he adds.

3Shape Lab Management Software

Today, many dental labs still manage their cases and clients manually. From emails to post-its, messages from dentists and staff can be found (or sometimes lost) anywhere in the lab, complex restorative workflows are unnecessarily cumbersome due to poor integrations, and communication challenges with clients are common, states 3Shape.

Now, in the very same way that 3Shape has helped labs to optimize and digitize their design and production workflows with award-winning CAD solutions, the company introduces a cloud-based Lab Management Software to help them run their business more efficiently and digitally as well.

3Shape LMS provides integrated workflow management for all types of cases, digital as well as analog. It empowers dental labs to be more efficient in their everyday tasks and to nurture client relationships built on better customer communications and improved tracking of orders, cases, and invoices.

Making Everything Effortless

  • Three ways 3Shape LMS will help dental labs to manage their business:
    ORGANIZE EVERY CASE - 3Shape LMS saves labs time by managing all digital and analog cases in a single, simplified, and compliant system so labs can meet their deadlines easier.
  • TRANSFORM EVERY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP - Designed for transparency, 3Shape LMS helps you manage your doctors’ expectations and effortlessly collaborate with them using communication portals and a smartphone app.
  • STREAMLINE EVERY TASK - The new software reduces a lab's administrative and data entry with efficient management of production lines, billing, and integrated workflows with TRIOS and Dental System. 3Shape LMS can be used in the lab or remotely.

3Shape LMS is available in 2 versions: 3Shape LMS Essentials, and 3Shape LMS Premium. 3Shape LMS Essentials, which focuses exclusively on case management, is set to be available globally from May 2023 and is free to use. 3Shape LMS Premium, which will include case management, client communication and lab efficiency tools such as billing and production scheduling is available now in a limited open beta version for select regions.
Discover more about 3Shape LMS here: https://www.3shape.com/en-us/software/lms

Dual Model 3Shape F8 Lab Scanner

3Shape has also introduced a brand-new model in addition to its lab scanner lineup: the dual model 3Shape F8 lab scanner. The 3Shape F8 lab scanner provides labs with optimal productivity via incredible scan speeds and requires minimal hands-on interaction with the scanner from technicians.

Scanning workflows with the 3Shape F8 shows a more than 20% increase in speed when compared with the 3Shape D2000 lab scanner.

The 3Shape F8’s leading workflow speed is paired with efficiency through the intuitive magnetic place-and-scan open scanner design and auto-start feature. In short, it takes no time to start and then complete scanning, according to the company.

The new lab scanner is 3Shape’s most versatile and intuitive scanner to date. It enables labs to provide a complete range of quality services for their doctors through new workflows like upright articulator scanning, one click scanning, triple tray impression scanning and die-in-model scanning.

3Shape F8 highlights:

  • MORE EFFICIENCY – Reduce technicians' hands-on time with the intuitive place-and-scan design.
  • MORE VERSATILITY - Deliver a complete range of quality services to your doctors with less effort
    - Scan articulator in upright position
    - Triple tray impression and die scanning in one go
    - Die-in-model scanning and all-in-one scanning
    - Scan accuracy – 4 Microns (ISO 12836)
  • MORE SPEED - Stay on top of your caseload with lean, automated scan-to-design workflows.

For more information on the dual model 3Shape F8 lab scanner, click here:

The 3Shape F8 lab scanner is presently available in the United States and will be available in the European Union beginning March 14, 2023.