3Shape Files Infringement Complaint Against Medit

3Shape has filed an infringement complaint against Medit for its intraoral scanning technology.

3Shape has filed a complaint against Medit in regards to intraoral scanning technology, including wireless scanning, scanning software, and tooth color shade measurement. It asserts that Medit systems, i500, i600, i700, and i700 wireless all infringe on a number of 3Shape patents. It notes that the i700 wireless particularly infringes on wireless scanning technology patents from 3Shape.

“The innovation and scanner technology in 3Shape TRIOS are unique and fundamental to why we are the choice of doctors. 3Shape TRIOS has received the Best of Class award for intraoral scanners an unprecedented 10 years in a row. We simply cannot allow other companies to copy our hard-earned technology and infringe on our patents,” Director of Litigation & Compliance at 3Shape, Thomas Kirkbak said in a press release from 3Shape.

This complaint was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas