3M unveils Impregum Super Quick Polyether Impression Material

This next-generation material is said to be the first true superfast polyether.

Why should dentists only benefit from the trusted polyether properties when taking impressions for large complex cases and implants? In the past, the longer setting time of polyether has been one of the reasons to choose VPS materials for smaller cases. With the new 3M™ Impregum™ Super Quick Polyether Impression Material - reportedly the first true superfast polyether - dentists are said to now be able to capture every detail in just two minutes.   

This next-generation polyether is specifically formulated for capturing single-unit restorations such as crowns, implants, inlays/onlays and smaller bridges up to three units. The new tray and wash materials reportedly result in a setting reaction of only two minutes and, combined with a significantly improved material taste, lead to increased patient comfort.

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“With the new Impregum Super Quick Polyether, dental practitioners will benefit from the well-known and trusted characteristics of a polyether impression material: hydrophilicity, a unique flow behavior and a consistent flow throughout the whole working time,” says Bryant Ricker, vice president, U.S. business for 3M Oral Care Division. “Additionally, this material contains properties that will lead to increased efficiency in the dental office and laboratory as the number of remakes and adjustments are reduced.”

The material’s inherent hydrophilicity is engineered to promote excellent wettability with remaining oral fluids and support precise capturing of details, which is essential in the area of the preparation margin. This benefit of exact detail reproduction is supported by the material’s ability to flow into every spot. There's also no need to hurry as the flow behavior is designed to remain unchanged throughout the entire working time, which is followed by an immediate “snap set” reaction. This is different from VPS materials and helps the user avoid inaccuracies that may result from premature setting.

The new super-quick polyether materials are added to the existing portfolio of regular and quick setting Impregum polyether impression materials. A perfectly suited polyether is available for every indication and the monophase and one-step impression technique. For simplification of the impression taking procedure, different materials and accessories are provided by 3M from retraction capsules to mixing and syringing devices and trays.

To learn more about 3M™ Impregum™ Super Quick Polyether Impression Material, visit www.3m.com/ImpregumSQ.