3M expands its prevention portfolio with new varnish

The 3M Fast Release Varnish is ideal for patients who may require a shorter treatment time.

3M, a leader in fluoride varnishes, has launched a new fast-releasing fluoride varnish in new flavors and a unit dose tray, to give clinicians another option for their patient’s needs. 3M’s new varnish complements 3M™ Vanish™ 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish, which has been the number one fluoride varnish on the market for 10 years.

3M Vanish White Varnish is formulated to remain on teeth longer for more effective protection; with extended fluoride release, added tri-calcium phosphate and a durable coating. Although longer fluoride contact is beneficial, some patients aren’t as compliant during their treatments, so 3M created 3M Fast Release Varnish.

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3M Fast Release Varnish releases most of its fluoride in the first two hours, so dental professionals can deliver quick protection to patients who may not always follow their patient care instructions. With 22,600 ppm sodium fluoride, a virtually invisible smooth coating, and popular, fun flavors, including caramel, strawberry and mint, 3M Fast Release Varnish is an excellent choice for patients who may require a shorter treatment time.

“My go-to varnish has been 3M’s Vanish™ White Varnish because it’s so durable and the longer fluoride is in contact with the teeth, the more effective it is,” says Kelli Swanson Jaecks, RDH, MA. "However, some patients simply don’t like the taste or feel of fluoride treatments, and tend to brush off or remove their coating too soon. The
new 3M™ Fast Release Varnish gives clinicians an alternative for patients just like these. It has a fast fluoride release and a nice smooth coating, so for certain patients, I know I’m giving them the quick protection they need.”

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Learn more at 3M.com/OralCare. For more information on 3M Fast Release Varnish or 3M Vanish White Varnish, visit 3M.com/PreventiveCare.