3dO to distribute, service Solutionix Dental Scanners in North America

January 21, 2010 | dlpmagazine.comNEWS3dO to distribute, service Solutionix dental scanners in North America3dO

January 21, 2010 | dlpmagazine.com

3dO to distribute, service Solutionix dental scanners in North America

3dO Medical IT has reached an agreement with Solutionix Corp of South Korea to become an official North American distributor and service center of Solutionix Dental Scanners.

The open-architecture Solutionix Rexcan DS2 provides high-precision scanning by white light measurement technology, enhanced through fast and easy process of computerized automation. DS2 quality and pricing makes in-house design of crowns, bridges, anatomic inlays, custom abutment and implants available to every laboratory. DS2 produces an industry-standard output file format, enabling laboratory owners to choose the most suitable milling center for its manufacturing needs.  

“This high-quality yet affordable system is the perfect fit to our all-encompassing architecture of dental CAD/CAM components” said 3dO General Manager Eugene Mirkin.

For additional information, contact 3dO Medical IT at 877-482-7904 or info@3do.ca.