3D Diagnostix Digital Services Integrates with Morita i-Dixel Imaging Software

Morita i-Dixel imaging software users can now seamlessly order digital services from 3D Diagnostix.

Dental manufacturer J. Morita USA has announced 3D Diagonistix’s digital services will now be integrated with the company’s Morita i-Dixel imaging software. The new integration allows Mortia i-Dixel imaging software users to order digital services from 3D Diagnostix, including radiology reports, implant treatment plans, computer-guided surgery solutions, and their most recent innovation, Magnetix™ guided full-mouth restorations.

This partnership also allows users to order digital design services for the in-office 3D printing of surgical guides and prosthetics.

This partnership aims to provide innovative imaging solutions, helping clinicians deliver enhanced clinical outcomes through improved accuracy, precision, and simplified digital workflows.

Morita i-Dixel imaging software presents a wide variety of services to its users ensuring they reach an accurate diagnosis for their cases. The software features a drawing function, presentations for implant therapy, and the ability to convert 3-dimensional x-rays to solid images to allow for rotation, magnification, and slicing of the image. i-Dixel also has the ability to view both CT slice images and volume-rendered images simultaneously on the computer screen.