31 Reasons Why I Love my Dentist


Being a dental professional means being a customer service advocate and giving your patients good reason to choose your practice.

A happy patient speaking with her dentist

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150 women were asked why they love their dentist, and their answers will not surprise you. This is not rocket science, but it is still important to remember the basics. This is a customer service industry. Yes, you need to be a skilled dentist and have a great team to work with, but you must also remember what is most important to your patients. The answers have been condensed down to these responses.

  1. Timely reminders for scheduled visits.
  2. Clean and simple office space.
  3. That clean and fresh feeling after receiving a tooth cleaning.
  4. An extraordinarily warm and caring staff.
  5. The accomplished feeling of maintaining good oral health.
  6. Being able to request a preferred hygienist.
  7. Being confident in the dentist's recommendations.
  8. Offers IV anesthetic and twilight anesthetic for anxious patients.
  9. Offers a membership program for discount services.
  10. Offers a choice of a warm neck pillow or hand paraffin wax treatment while getting services.
  11. Has flexible evening hours for patients who work during the day.
  12. Continual encouragement with comments such as, "You're doing great."
  13. Clear and concise explanations to answers any questions or concerns.
  14. Peace of mind knowing that everything looks good.
  15. Perfectionism. For example, having a crown with the wrong color match and then ordering 3 before getting it perfectly matched.
  16. Location.
  17. Knowing and having a good relationship with the staff because of low turnover.
  18. No hype sales pitch for further procedures.
  19. Being accommodating when canceling for emergency work while still being able to get a patient right back in.
  20. Being talkative and keeping a patient calm.
  21. A great dental hygienist who is not only thorough but also has a good personality.
  22. Modern instruments and equipment--especially when they are more cutting edge. The staff is patient in answering questions about the equipment or materials.
  23. A goodie bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.
  24. Hearing, "You have no cavities."
  25. A timely dentist who does not keep patients waiting and is usually in and out within the projected time frame.
  26. Explaining the entire process. Never feeling rushed or anxious.
  27. A dentist who is conscientious regarding a patient's pain level.
  28. A wonderful staff that is trained extremely well in customer service.
  29. How automated the office is. Receiving text reminders as well as email reminders about appointments.
  30. Gifts for patients who refer others to go to this practice.
  31. Receiving happy birthday texts.

So often, we only see the complaints in this industry, but we need to look at what makes the customer happy. What is amazing about this list is that none of this is about money. It is about old-fashioned relationships. Developing mutual respect between the dentist and patient says it all. When you can hear what they are thinking, it pushes all of us to continue to remember what is important. It is that simple.

Email me at diana2@discussdirectives.com and share why you, the dental professional, love your own personal dentist. I am not talking about the practice you work in, but the dentist you go to for your own dental health.

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