3 ways to improve case presentation

How to gain patient trust, and loyalty and accept your treatment plan.

Case presentation is one of the most critical systems in a dental practice as it has the most immediate effect on your bottom line. So, how can you get patients to accept treatment? There’s no magic formula, but we’ve identified three ways that will vastly improve this system for your practice.

Consider adopting these strategies for boosting case acceptance in your practice:

  • The new patient experience. A new patient should feel like a VIP from the moment of the very first phone call. Think of each caller as your favorite celebrity. Greet them with a welcoming attitude, display high energy and give them correct information. People are so impressed with excellent service that they gravitate to businesses that provide it rather than even consider less expensive alternatives.

  • The comprehensive exam. Many new patients are only being diagnosed with their most obvious dental needs. For practices looking to boost case acceptance this isn’t enough. We teach a concept called the Five Phase Exam that includes an evaluation of periodontal condition, tooth condition, cosmetic examination, implant diagnosis and occlusal diagnosis. For some practices, we add a sixth step that considers a specialized service such as sleep apnea, BOTOX or sedation. By following all five or six of these areas, you'll create an opportunity to identify significantly more dentistry. According to the Levin Group Data Center, the average production per new patient will rise by 50 percent when this diagnostic model is put into place.

  • Don’t tell patients everything they need in the first visit. You may have found a whole host of issues during your patient’s comprehensive exam. However, it’s always prudent not to overshare during this visit. We routinely recommend bringing patients back one week later for a consultation. When people return somewhere for the second time, they are more relaxed, comfortable and have a higher level of trust. This is imperative when it comes to case presentation. Countless cases are rejected each year because the new patient simply wasn’t ready to hear what was presented.

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Improving your case presentation is the fast track to improving production and revenue. Use these three strategies to help you and your staff impress patients, build trust and increase case acceptance.