3 ways to ensure your next dental team meeting is a success

Have your morning huddles and team meetings turned into a complete waste of time for you? Do you feel that they’re worthless instead of worthwhile? If your dental practice is in a meeting rut, Debbie Castagna has three ground rules that you need to implement.

First, everyone needs to attend the meeting and everyone needs to participate. We’ve all heard the stories of the dentist who feels like he or she can skip out, or the team member who rolls in 15 minutes late every day, but Castagna says that simply isn’t acceptable if this is truly going to be a team meeting.

“When you come into this meeting and initiate ideas and conversation, no one can see that as a waste of time,” Castagna said.

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Second, there needs to be a prepared agenda with a facilitator and a recorder.

“Make sure you can hit the ground running when the meeting starts,” Castagna said. “If you can post the agenda before the meeting, it will give everyone a chance to start thinking and be prepared to interact and contribute.”

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Third, make sure every meeting ends with an action plan. Make sure you know what needs to happen, who will do it, and when it needs to be done.

“Maybe it’s more than an action plan,” Castagna offers. “Maybe it’s a promise plan. If you’re making a promise to each other, it holds more value. Who wants to break a promise?”

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